5 Keys to Get Maximalist Interior Design for Your Amazing House

Maximalist interior design was actually a reaction to minimalist movement. This interior design has elements and aspects that are the opposite to the minimalist interior design. Maximalist doesn’t support the minimally decorated white wall or quiet color palettes.

Decorating interior design with maximalist design means you should go brighter, busier, and bigger. Precious photographs, eclectic furniture, and prized collections are the key for a maximalist interior. Ready to design your very own maximalist interior design?

Maximalist Interior Design

Keys to Decorate with Maximalist Interior Design

The basic keys of a maximalist interior are loaded with so many colors, a lot of artworks, books everywhere, and personalization. Here are some steps you can take if you really want to get a maximalist interior.

  1. Spread many colors around the rooms

Unlike minimalists that only use neutral colors, maximalists use so many colors you can find. Start with the basic color palette first and then expand to the other colors. If minimalist uses white walls, maximalist uses dark colors for the walls, like navy blue or black.

Dark color becomes the basic color so you can fill the interior with bright or bold accents as well as patterns that balance everything out. Don’t hesitate to use bold colors for the furniture pieces, decorations, and fabrics. Those are the signs of maximalist interior design.

  1. Choose a wall to be your art gallery

There is only one rule in creating an art gallery wall, the space between each artwork. The space must be uniform. There are no other rules to follow so you can hang anything in any shape on your gallery wall. How many artworks can you hang on the wall? You can even cover the entire wall if you want to.

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Maximalist interior design means you can go maximal in decorating the room. No matter what kind of wall art you are about to hang on the wall, as long as the spacing between every piece of art is uniform, you are free to use whatever you want.

  1. Decorate the room with everything you love

You will love your home even more if you have everything you love inside the rooms. Fortunately, maximalist style means you can bring everything into the house and use your favorite things to beautify your interior. Spread your favorite color and use your favorite accessories to decorate each room.

But you need to make the maximalist interior design in every room look united, use some patterns or colors in every single room. For example, your living room may be dominated with yellow while your bedroom has blue and the kitchen has green.

But the strips you spread in those rooms will make them look united. This will keep your maximalist interior away from random looks.

  1. Books to maximize the maximalist interior

If you are a bibliophile or a book lover, leverage your books to achieve the maximalist interior design. Minimalist interior design limits the number of books that homeowners can display in the living room. But with maximalist interior design, there is no need to hide your books in the garage anymore.

Show your books in the tall bookshelves in every room. Or you can even stack your favorite books on the side tables and reach them every time you want to read one of your favorite stories. You don’t need to prepare an extra room just to turn it into a library.

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Maximalist style allows you to place your books in any room, anywhere. You can have some in the living room, kitchen, dining room, and even in the bathroom.

  1. Maximalist interior design is also about comfort

It is true that you are free to decorate the rooms with anything you desire if you choose maximalist design. But don’t forget to think about the other family members. Maximalism must be able to keep you and the other people who live in the house to feel comfortable to live in the house.

Think about a comfy nest. When decorating your interior with maximalist style, combine everything that makes everyone feel comfortable with their favorite accessories and colors. You are going to love your maximalist interior design and everyone will be happy to spend their time at home.

If you have no idea how to start decorating the interior with maximalist design, check out so many bohemian interior designs which are a perfect match for the maximalist design.

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