6 Excellent Apartment Interior Tricks to Make the Rooms Feel Bigger

Your apartment interior should be able to impress everyone while keeping you comfortable to stay in there. Decorating the interior of your apartment should be done carefully. You should know some elements that will work together and will give the biggest effect.

When you’re looking for the best decorating ideas for an apartment, you’ll end up with a bunch of ideas. But, how are you going to design your very own apartment depends on the interior space itself? Everything you choose to decorate the room is going to affect the apartment’s overall feelings.

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The Best Guides to Decorate Your Apartment Interior

You need to know what kind of apartment you have in order to pick the right interior decoration. If this is your very first apartment and you need help in decorating the room, check out the amazing guides below that will help you get the cozier and most impressive apartment ever.

  1. Make your small apartment feels larger

This one is for those who have smaller apartments. Pick furniture pieces with eye-catching, substantial, or decorative legs. Those legs make people see beyond the body of each furniture piece. Also, consider decorating your apartment interior with mirrored or glass tables.

Those tables are not just elegant but also won’t make your furniture feel too heavy, especially in the smaller rooms. But for the bedroom, pick a bed that sits on the floor or has shorter legs. This is going to make your apartment ceiling feel much higher.

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Paint your walls with light color or even white. Those colors will make your room feel much larger. If you want to use any dark color, spread it on an accent wall.

  1. Choose the patterns and colors carefully

To create cohesion in your apartment interior, stick with similar themes of colors or shades and patterns. For example, if you use silver thread on the throw pillow, complete your shower with a slate curtain. Or use a nightstand with wood grain that matches the coffee table of your living room.

Little cohesion patches will make your lovely apartment feel whole and connected. This is going to lead toa relaxing and cozy space.

  1. Choose something to be the statement piece

Focal points are an essential thing for houses and apartments. Focal points can be an area rug that is splashy or a bookshelf that is sharply painted. This focal point in your apartment interior is going to draw people’s eye towards a specific area so that people won’t look at the problematic part of the room.

The focal point is able to make people ignore the big sized dresses that make your interior design feel smaller. Statement piece or focal point can be anything interesting like the accent wall or a bold painted wall that is able to make people focus on it instead of the other furniture pieces.

  1. Prepare a smart storage for your apartment

All apartments and houses need storage space. But if you have a small apartment interior, you should get creative in choosing and using the storage space. Use stackable storage, hidden storage, collapsible furniture, pegboards, or shelving that can hide everything from people’s sight easily.

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Those multipurpose storage spaces can also help you organize your interior and make it more aesthetically pleasing and neat at once. Diminishing the clutter amount in the apartment can also help you optimize the use of the rooms and focus on the apartment décor.

apartment Interior design

  1. Create a gorgeous gallery wall

What to display on the gallery wall? Everything can be displayed. You can hang up your paintings, photos, puzzles, or any other arts on the empty wall in order to give your room a depth and interest. This is a rule for all apartment interiors, both the big ones or the small ones.

Gallery wall is going to keep the other things out of sight. People will focus on the gallery wall. Besides, the gallery wall can also fill the interior with character and color.

  1. Hang or place mirrors in the interior

An excellent apartment interior will have mirrors. Mirrors are going to reflect the light. They will also open up the space’s size. You should try hanging the mirror close to a window in the small bathroom or dining room. Those mirrors are going to make your rooms feel brighter and larger at once.

Use tall mirrors if you need to make your apartment ceiling feel much higher. Tall mirrors can also bring illumination to your room’s dimmer parts.

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