8 Steps to Use Roomstyler to Design an Amazing Room

Roomstyler is actually what you really need if you have no idea how to design your interior and make it look awesome. This is a web-based app that allows you to find so many inspirations about interior design. This site even allows you to draw your very own space.

There is no need to be an expert to use this site. Those who don’t have any drawing skills and technical skills can design their home and rooms easily using this technology. All you need is just a little feeling for style and your interior design will be as amazing as you want it to.

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Easy Ways to Redesign Your Interior with Roomstyler

This interior design site comes with a drawing tool you can use to make the sketch of your own walls, windows, doors, and the other elements of the house. Now, here is the detailed instruction you should follow in order to use the web-based app to renew and refresh your interior.

  1. Visit the site and sign up

The web-based app can be accessed from any web browser on your PC or laptop. Type Roomstyler.com and then click that green colored Sign Up button on the right corner of the page. Once you have signed up, click on the green colored Create a 3D Interior! To start using the tools.

  1. Start making the design

When the welcome screen pops up, you need to start designing from scratch. Start with a new page and you will see a page you can use to draw the design of your interior. There will be some shapes on the left panel. Choose one that is similar to your own room.

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Click on the shape you desire and then drag it to the white colored drawing area. When dragging the shape to the drawing area of the Roomstyler, make sure you place it above the camera so you can see the 3D style preview of the design you make on the corner of the workspace.

  1. Adjust the walls of the design

Now place your cursor to the wall of the shape you have chosen. You’ll see the length of that wall. Click on the wall and drag it to change the length and width of the wall. Release the cursor once you have reached the measurements you desire.

  1. Make an opening in your wall

To help you place a door, Roomstyler has a build icon you can use to access various functions. Next to the Walls tab, there is the Doors tab and Windows tab. Click on the Doors tab and there will be a list of various door types you can pick. Click the door you want, drag it, and drop on any wall you want.

  1. Add architectural items to your room

Next step you want to do is adding some architectural items to the room. Click on the furniture icon on the left panel of the Roomstyler workspace. And then click on the Architectural category. There will be architectural elements like beams, fireplace, and many other elements you’ll find in this category.

To add an architectural element, click and drag it and then drop it to your room. For example, if you want to use some beams, place them on the ceiling of the room and make sure to add some gaps between each beam so they can support the ceiling properly.

  1. Painting the room and decorating it

In order to paint your interior, click on the decorate icon, the third icon on the left panel of the Roomstyler workspace. There will be a material categories list, you should start with the paint tool. This tool allows you to choose any plain color you want.

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To use the color, click on the color you love the most, drag it to the drawing area, and then release the color on the item you want to paint. The color can be applied to your walls, floors, ceiling, doors, and windows. But paint is not the only tool you can use to decorate the room.

If you want a wooden floor, for example, back to the material categories list and then click on the Wood tool. There are various wood elements available on the Roomstyler. Click and drag one of the wood to your room’s floor or ceiling.


  1. Furnishing the room with the right furniture

Once you’re done painting, it is time to furnish the room with the right furniture. Find the furniture on the furnish icon that is also located on the left panel. There are furniture categories list you can choose according to the room you are decorating. There is also a search field on the top of the list.

Type the furniture you want to use in the search field. For example, type bookcase to see more than 600 options available. To ease you find the one that fits the room, click on the Dimension on the Roomstyler’s left panel, under the list of categories.

There will be a rectangle shape appearing in the middle of your drawing area. Drag the rectangle to any position you desire and then resize it according to the available space for that bookcase. This dimension filter is going to narrow the bookcase results to ease you in choosing the right one.

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Those bookcases have a similar footprint as the rectangle shape you have edited. However, they have different designs, colors, and heights, so you still need to choose one you want.

  1. Getting a set of furniture

Roomstyler is providing various dining tables and assorted dining chairs you can find separately and place them in your dining room. But if you don’t want to mix the table and chairs, you can always search them in groups. Follow step number seven above until you find the search field.

On the search field, type dining set and you will see various dining set types available. There are dining table sets in different shapes available. The number of chairs varies, so you can pick one that matches your family the most.

Once you’re done decorating, click on the Take a 3D photo under the preview on the corner of the workspace. That’s how you use Roomstyler. Now you can start applying what you’ve done in the app to the room of your house.

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