12 Cutest Cat Cafe In US For Cuddles And Coffee

12 Cutest Cat Cafe In US For Cuddles And Coffee

Cuteness, cuddles, and coffee… the best cat cafe coffee shops in the USA are outright must-visits for cat enthusiasts worldwide.

While cat coffee shops in the USA are currently as common as cat hair holding on to a black sweater, there once was a time when the specifies were lacking the now-popular facilities. In truth, it was just in 2014 when the first cat cafe opened up its doors in Oakland after a battle for regulative authorization.

Cat coffee shops began in Taipei, Taiwan, with the opening up of Cat Blossom Yard in 1998. And because of a a great deal of no-pets houses, the coffee shops began appearing around Japan, giving cat huggers the opportunity to cuddle with a fluffy friend without actually owning one.

Unlike the initial coffee shops, cat coffee shops in the USA concentrate on adoptions, generating rescued meow-meows and providing a place to stay. Luring potential animal moms and dads in with the appeal of lively kitties and tasty beverages, cat coffee shops help homeless felines find their forever home. Inspect out the best cat coffee shops in the USA for cuteness and coffee – you simply might make a brand-new friend.

Best cat coffee shops in the US

1. Denver Cat Company, Denver, CO

Denver Cat Company may be the just cat cafe in Denver, but it has lots of interesting occasions to maintain cat enthusiasts busy. In truth, it is among the factors Denver is among the best cities for cat enthusiasts in the US.

Contact us with your spiritual side at tarot reading with felines, or try a seasonal workshop such as pumpkin sculpting or production Xmas accessories (you currently know we’re production kitties for both of those!). The cafe has a living-room feel that’s perfect for cozying up with an adorable cat while you enjoy something from the coffee respond to.

cat cafe denver cat co

2. The Witty Whisker, St. Augustine, FL

Everything is better with felines about. That’s why, at The Witty Whisker in St. Augustine, Florida, adorable kitties will sign up with you as you browse your spirit throughout Meowditation, or as you lay down a couple of brushstrokes throughout Painting with Kitties, or also as you take in the sounds of local artists throughout Mewsic Evenings.

Besides the very lovable puns, The Witty Whisker is known for its tasty adoptable felines and cupcakes. Whether you are going to an occasion, drinking a mocha with a Maine Coon, or volunteering, this cat house supports rescuing and finding homes for deserted and roaming kittens and felines.

cat cafe The Witty Whisker

3. Constellation Cat Cafe, Eastern Lansing, MI

Some kids obtain clowns and lively castles for their birthday celebration celebrations. Various other kids? Well, they obtain felines. Together with the usual cat cafe procedures, Constellation Cat Cafe in Eastern Lansing, Michigan, offers occasion packages for little people. Their Tiny Tabby hold will instruct kids to securely communicate with felines, lead a tinting sesh with the read a tale, and kitties.

What better way to foster your child’s love of felines? For older kids (and adults), there’s the Barista-in-Training course, where guests learn to earn an unique drink and after that obtain a hr of have fun with the felines. And that knows, perhaps they will go home with a buddy?

Constellation Cat Cafe

4. Cat Town, Oakland, CA

Cat Townwas the first cat cafe to open up in the US back in 2014, and it has currently increased in dimension. The Oakland fostering facility, which concentrates on “unadoptable” felines, has assisted over 3,100 saves find their forever homes. But the feline residents are equally as adorable as other, and Cat Town’s objective is to change the approach to conserving sanctuary felines and decrease euthanasia across the country (they’ve currently succeeded in reducing the rate in Oakland by 70%).

To support that objective, they hold trap-neuter-return workshops and kitten container feeding courses for future promotes. Various other occasions consist of bingo, reflection and yoga exercise with art evenings, and felines. And remember the cafe! Cat Town’s RAWR Coffee Bar offers up caffeinated drinks and vegan deals with for people, plus all-natural, raw cat deals with for kitties.

Cat Town cat cafe

5. Fat Cat Cafe, Tallahassee, FL

Do not be put off by the name; the Fat Cat Cafe has felines of all dimensions wandering about its cuddle room. To this day, the cafe has assisted over 1,000 felines find their forever homes. Before the pandemic, the cafe held yoga exercise, art courses, movie evenings, and jazz evenings, but the global shutdown hasn’t already quit the effort.

The org behind Fat Cat, FALC, has caught and launched over 80 spayed & neutered felines. They also run a cat book shop and bring kitties to elderly residents that need a bit extra friendship. Visit the Fat Cat, and you might simply earn a tubby tabby of your own.

cat cafes the cat cafe

6. Black Cat Cafe, Devon PA

Certain, you could call the Black Cat a cat cafe. But perhaps a more accurate summary for the facility would certainly be a cat dining establishment. The Black Cat has a food selection you can purr about, with sandwiches, paninis, salads, and full-out morning meal platters, consisting of Tigger’s Caribbean French Salute with mango/papaya or passion fruit butter.

Step past the Black Cat’s goldenrod outside, previous its purple door, and you will find lovable furry felines dangling out in their present shop. But also if you go there for the food (besides, they have vegan options too !), you are still sustaining the kitties. One hundred percent of the proceeds of your dish go towards their fostering initiatives and save.

cat cafe Black Cat Cafe

7. Mewsic Cat Cafe, Nashville, TN

The classic cat cafe obtains a Nashville twist at Mewsic Cat Cafe. Guitars adorn the wall surfaces together with photos of Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash (holding felines, naturally), and kitties climb up in and from a drum set. And, of course, it would not be Songs City without live songs.

You can bring your own tool to their Sunday Evening Pickin’ Party, or you can simply rest and enjoy the songs while having fun with the felines. Mewsic Cat has a coworking program for all your remote work needs. Sign up with as a regular monthly participant or grab a day pass to use the wi-fi, have fun with felines and obtain limitless coffee.

cat cafe Mewsic Kitty Cafe

8. Brooklyn Cat Cafe, Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Cat Cafe prides itself on community outreach. They work to educate animal proprietors and rescuers, provide opportunities for institution children to find out about pets, and hold outreach animal-assisted treatment programs for injury survivors. It also happens to be an incredible place to grab a coffee and socialize with their local felines.

Brooklyn Cat Cafe also offers kitten parties—an hr of snuggling, feeding, and taking photos with tiny kittens! If you can’t make it to Brooklyn, they also have an online feed of kittens not yet ready to sign up with the others (in a house built by the SNL set design team).

Cat Cafe Brooklyn Cat Cafe

9. Purrington’s Cat Lounge,Rose city, OR

Increased City’s first cat cafe symbolizes the Pacific Northwest focus on everything local. Their coffee, beer, and wine are mostly sourced from Oregon, and their food selection differs seasonally. They companion with various other companies such as Jen’s Bagels & Breads and Dos Hermanos Bakeries for mouthwatering offerings such as small baguettes with salty French butter.

Their adoptable felines are local as well, from companion sanctuary Cat Fostering Group (bonus suggestion: do not miss out on the CAT Thrift Store in Portland’s Raleigh Hillsides community to support them and obtain some adorable clothes). In the long-long back, before the pandemic, Purrington’s held wine tastings, knitting occasions, and yoga exercise.

cat cafe Purrington's Cat Lounge

10. The Catcade, Chicago, IL

Not all cat coffee shops are, well, coffee shops. The Catcade allows you visit with save felines (all adoptable other than the local house cat Leo) in a home-like atmosphere. Seems like a great deal of cat coffee shops, right? But what sets The Catcade apart is the collection of free-play video games. Try your good luck at MarioKart on the N64 or among the game video games with a cat in your lap.

There are usually in between 15-20 felines looking for forever homes, and most are very social. Although there is no cafe aspect, there’s a soft drink consisted of with every booking to The Catcade, but truly, what more could you want compared to felines and video games?

cat cafe The Catcade

11. The Casual Cat Cafe, Richland Hillsides, TX

The Casual Cat Cafe is exactly that; laid-back, snuggly, and relaxing. Pay your cat lounge admission charge and obtain a hr with the kitties, beverages free, and treats. Of course, all the felines are saves. Run by a couple group, the cafe is a pipe for future forever homes. Besides, they’ve obtained 3 clingy kitties of their own.

Throughout your visit, stand out over to their retail present shop. And, if you love the place, perhaps your cat will, too. They offer boarding for your lil’ divas, complete with two-way sound animal video cams and ensured one-on-one time while you are away.

cat cafe The Casual Cat Cafe

12. Pawsitivitea CNY, Syracuse, NY

Have you ever been to a kitten shower? It is an infant shower for felines! At the Pawsitivitea CNY cat cafe and lounge, take part in the feline variation of this olden custom, as foster moms and dads are provided the supplies they need for looking after save kittens. The shower has a formula money, Amazon.com wishlist, facts, video games, and a “inside story the trash” door reward!

Besides very adorable occasions (they’ve obtained “zen” sessions, mid-day tea, and more), they have tea, coffee, deals with, and also custom cakes. Oh felines, and yes. Felines such as the dewy-eyed Guinevere and ham-and-a-half Aubrey.

cat cafe Pawsitivitea CNY

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