Cat Spraying: Why and How to Deal With It

Cat Spraying: Why and How to Deal With It

Keeping the house clean is an additional task for anyone who has pets. It would be unpleasant to come home after a long day at work and find an unpleasant odor or dirt on the floor due to a pet urinating indiscriminately. Taking care of cats is fun because cats are cute pets.

Besides scratching, cat spraying is one of the most common behavioral problems in cats. Perhaps your first thought to stop your cat from spraying is to discipline your cat not to engage in this unwanted behavior. However, keep in mind that training your cat is not easy as you think. You need to implement certain techniques to make your cat understand that “spraying” is not allowed in certain places.

Male Cats Spraying

What Is Cat Spraying?

Cat spraying is a common behavior for cats as pets. Spraying or spraying urine is a pet cat behavior that we need to understand. Spraying is done by cats to mark their territory. In addition, this behavior is also done as a way to release stress.

This behavior of spraying urine is carried out by male and female cats but is more often carried out by male cats. A cat spraying urine will not be fun if it happens in your home. If this is the case, the best way to deal with it is to understand your cat’s behavior and then address the cause.

Areas that are usually exposed to spraying are vertical objects, such as curtains, cabinets, walls, doors, chairs, walls, and others. It can be stressful and upsetting for you and you may end up paying more for multiple washes to clean off the spray or if that happens, you are unlikely to be forced to let your cat away, or worse.

Don’t worry anymore, because you can handle cat spraying by immediately cleaning this area using a bleach solution so that the smell is gone. Because if not, they will spray in the same area or you can use the Cat Spraying No More product for amazing results.

What Causes Cat Spraying?

Cat spraying pee can still be considered natural if done several times. But you have to be wary if they are spraying in a few months in a row. In general, this is the cause of cat spraying.

  • Sexual Instinct

During the mating season, cats usually spray as a sign that they are ready to mate. The smell of spraying is more pungent than urine because it also releases certain chemicals as a sign that he is ready to mate. This occurs when the reproductive organs begin to mature, which is around the age of 7 months.

With sterile, spraying habits can be reduced by up to 80% although some would think it would be painful for cats. But if it still doesn’t change and is still spraying, the cat may be under stress. Which can be caused by another new pet, moving house, and others.

  • Marking His Territory

If you have several cats in your home, chances are they are spraying for this purpose. Because the cat is a territory animal so he marks his “territory”. Sometimes the cat will also spray to mark the area of the house from stray cats outside the house.

Some are due to problems with the litter box, but the other 30% have no litter box problems at all because they do it to mark territory. Marking by spraying urine is an indirect form of communication used by cats. Spraying is a common cat behavior, especially in adult male cats. This behavior often irritates the owner because the smell of urine that is sprayed is very strong.

You also need to distinguish between peeing and spraying. Spraying is usually different from urinating. When cats urinate they will usually go to a quiet place, away from a place where they will not be disturbed. They will squat down and excrete a larger amount of urine that doesn’t leave a greasy mark as it dries.

blood in cat urine


How to Deal With It?

Some might even think about washing the part that was sprayed. It will be expensive because it has to be done many times. After all, the cat will keep spraying in the same place.

You no longer have to worry about overcoming your troublesome and stressful cat spraying problem. Now, there is a Cat Spraying No More product that has many benefits for your cat and benefits for you.

What Is Cat Spraying No More

Cat Spraying No More is a system to get your cat to stop urinating outside the litter box. This is proven and guaranteed. This system is a complete guide for cat owners to handle spraying. The methods and recipes are all proven by years of experience with thousands of cats.

It is clearly structured, easy to understand and fast to implement. It’s a system that teaches you a proven step-by-step approach to stopping your cat from spraying and peeing outside the litter box. This system covers step by step, how to get your cat to use only the litter box.

It starts with a discussion of the reasons why cats spray. Then, you’ll learn how to make small changes to your home environment that affect your cat in a big way. In the last discussion, various herbal recipes will be explained to keep your cat away from his bad habits.

Benefits of Cat Spraying No More for You

With the help of the Cat Spraying No More product to solve the problem of inappropriate cat spraying, you will get many benefits for you. Here are some benefits.

  • Prevents your cat from peeing and spraying outside the litter box for good
  • Make the happy, loving and cute cat you have always wanted
  • You save a huge amount of money on cleaning the furniture
  • Significantly reduce your stress level
  • You will feel more secure when you leave the house without worrying
  • No more coming home to smelly houses and having to resort to cleaning up the mess and then all over again the next day.
  • Finally, you can say goodbye to inappropriate peeing and inappropriate cat spraying.

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