5 Keys to Get Maximalist Interior Design for Your Amazing House

Maximalist Design

Maximalist interior design was actually a reaction to minimalist movement. This interior design has elements and aspects that are the opposite to the minimalist interior design. Maximalist doesn’t support the minimally decorated white wall or quiet color palettes. Decorating interior design with maximalist design means you should go brighter, busier, and bigger. Precious photographs, eclectic … Read more

5 Ways to Find Interior Specialist You Trust The Most

interior specialist

Interior specialist is someone who is going to realize what you want for your interior. Designing an interior design isn’t easy. Realizing the design is even harder. That’s why you’re going to need an interior designer or someone who will help you get the best interior design. Unfortunately, choosing the right interior designer is not … Read more

6 Excellent Apartment Interior Tricks to Make the Rooms Feel Bigger

apartment design

Your apartment interior should be able to impress everyone while keeping you comfortable to stay in there. Decorating the interior of your apartment should be done carefully. You should know some elements that will work together and will give the biggest effect. When you’re looking for the best decorating ideas for an apartment, you’ll end … Read more

4 Benefits of Hiring Interior Painters to Renew Your Home’s Look

interior paint

Why do you need help from interior painters? Because your house needs a new look so that its interior will always look amazing after years. Painting the interior will protect the walls from elements and will keep the interior looking amazing so you can always feel comfortable to stay in there. Unfortunately, painting your interior … Read more

3 Kitchen Remodeling Project’s Elements to Consider

great kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is a serious job. This project can be huge and requires a high cost. There are things to prepare and consider before you start remodeling the kitchen. Some of those preparations include setting the budget, determining your desire, and planning everything. Setting Budget to Remodel Kitchen Planning a brand new kitchen means you … Read more

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Welcome to the world of Interior Design. We’ve spent the past 9 years helping and inspiring homeowners and renters alike to get the most out of their property – whatever its size or style. We’re proud to take a democratic approach to home design. Kozyrom is not the Style Police making judgements about style, taste … Read more