5 Greek Interior Designs Ideas for Minimalist Lovers

Greek interior designs are for those who have been looking for the most minimalist yet beautiful interior décor. The Greek interior will bring the simplicity of ancient Athens to your interior. However, this interior design also involves materials and embellishments that’s going to enrich your interior.

Paint Your Interior with Greek Colors

Ready to get your most stunning Greek interior? Start by choosing the right paint color. Greek homes have different interior colors, according to their location and climate. Oftentimes, the interior walls have no decoration or have only one woven wall décor.

Homes located in the southern where the climate is warmer usually have stucco type or whitewashed clay wall finishes. The walls are completed with window openings that will catch the Mediterranean breezes. Homes in the cities like Athens will reflect the homeowners’ wealth.

Greek interior designs for urban homes involve frescoed walls that are created by artists. The arrangements have pastel earth tones of deep blacks and reds. Which paint idea do you prefer for your own interior design?

Décor Your Interior Floor

Most Ancient Greece homes were supplied by furniture and interiors that are made of citrus, willow, beech, oak, and maple trees. But usually, the poorer houses have plaster flooring or pounded earth. But the homes of the wealthy Athenians have mosaic tile flooring with beautiful patterns.

Copy Greek interior designs by covering your polished hardwood plank floors with thick woven rugs. Pick rugs with unique motifs like leaf-like anthemium or dolphin. Cover your foyer, great room, or bathroom with mosaic tiles. No need to place any rug on mosaic tiled floors.

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Clean Furnishings with No Frills

The Greek motto is ‘less is enough’. This means your home with Greek interior designs should have less fewer furniture. Pick furniture pieces that have simple and standard design. Some ideas to try include beautifully made utilitarian furnishings or couches and beds with the same platforms.

Persian design influenced the Greeks design a lot since colorful Persian rugs or tapestries were used and hung on Greek walls instead of to cover the floor. Clothing and storage were all inspired by Persian design. Use wooden storage chests that are plain or carved to hold things.

The other furniture pieces like low portable tables, stools, footstools, and backless chairs are all made of carved wood. Bring them all to your Greek inspired home.

Greek interior design

More Details in Greek Interior Designs

Those are not the only details you can bring to your home in order to get the Greek interior. There are some more extra steps to take to help you get the minimalist Greek interior design. Below are some ideas to try.

  1. Use double hung windows

Greek homes usually have large, ornate, and decorative window styles that are equipped with three to six panes in order to complete the home’s entrances. Equip your home with the same windows and you’ll get the Greek feel.

  1. Transom sidelights and windows

Another way to adopt the Greek interior designs is by beautifying the front doors with trim. Transom windows that are set into the frieze and recessed usually are found above the front doors. Make sure your front doors have the same transom windows.

  1. Choose building materials that are grainy

Choosing the right building materials is a crucial step if you really want to bring the Greek style to your own home.  Consider using stone, wood, and stucco for your interior. Those materials usually are painted white and have a faux finish.

  1. Use neutral colors

Adopting Greek interior designs means you need to use neutral colors. Some saturated and dark colors can be applied but all Greek homes have neutral colors. Add some saturated or dark colors only as the accent for your interior design.

  1. Use wide plank floors

You should never forget about dark hardwood floors. Use the coated one with varnish and geometric designs. Make sure your floors can feature geometric designs like trellises, stripes, and florals.

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Greek interior designs are the best options for those who want a minimalist yet artistic home. The minimalism won’t look boring with Greek design. This home design has a special way to bring colors to your interior. Follow the rules above and create the most outstanding Greek interior.

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