6 Ways to Decorate House with A Lot of Windows Properly

Living in a house with a lot of windows is living a good life. The windows allow the sunlight to come in and make your interior healthier for everyone. When you open the windows, your interior will get better circulation so everyone will get healthier air every single day.

But it may be a little harder to decorate the interior with so many windows on the wall. How can you make your rooms look outstanding by the presence of those windows? There are rules you better know and follow if you want to make your interior look balanced.

house with a lot of windows ideas

Brilliant Ways to Decorate A House with A Lot of Windows

Windows can be the main ornament to decorate your interior wall. But it doesn’t mean you don’t need to place any other decoration inside the room. If you are moving into a house that has so many windows on the wall, below are some ideas to make the interior look more impressive.

  1. Decorate the floor

A lake house, for example, is a beautiful house with a lot of windows. You shouldn’t cover the windows with bulky curtains since the views out there are the real decoration for your interior. The windows are supposed to frame the views and bulky curtains will ruin the idea.

Instead, place some potted plants on the floor, in the corners of your room. And add a flower vase in the middle of your coffee table. The presence of the plants balances the nature out there and will make your interior feel more natural.

  1. Combinations of blinds and sheer curtain

Another way to beautify your house with a lot of windows is using roman blinds. Roman blinds will protect you from the extreme sunlight in the summer while decorating the windows at once. And the presence of sheer curtain will make the interior look much more gorgeous.

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Pick sheer curtains that have the same color as the wall around the windows. The contrasts between the blinds and curtains will create a unique ornament for your interior. If the blinds you choose have a cute motif, pick curtains with no pattern.

  1. Wall sconces between the windows

Most of house with a lot of windows are modern houses. Usually, owners of modern houses don’t want to cover their windows with curtains. If you feel like your windows shouldn’t get curtains, choose wall sconces to decorate the slim wall between the windows.

Those sconces will not only decorate the wall but also illuminate the room. Wall sconces themselves come in so many designs and styles. There are rustic styled sconces for traditional interior and minimalist sconces for modern rooms. Pick one that matches your interior the most.

  1. Different color for different window frames

If you have framed windows, creating a playful themed interior will be the best idea. Your gorgeous house with a lot of windows will look more amazing with bright colored paint on each window. Use a pink paint for one of the windows and apply yellow paint for another window frame.

Don’t forget to match the color of your window frame with the other colors in the room. For example, if your living room is dominated with orange furniture pieces, a yellow or red frame will complete the interior. Matching the colors of a room will make the interior feel more united.

  1. Decorate the furniture

If there is no way you can decorate the walls since they’re filled with windows, consider decorating the furniture pieces inside the room. For example, place colorful cushions with cute motif on your sofas. Or use a bed sheet that has your favorite color and stunning pattern.

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This is a creative way to make your house with a lot of windows look well decorated and gorgeous. Decorating the walls that are already full of windows will make your walls look too crowded. Instead, beautifying the furnishings will help you clear the windows and make them look awesome.

  1. Decorate the wall that is free from windows

If you really want to hang something on the wall, pick a wall that doesn’t have a window to hang the painting or another thing you desire. This way is going to keep your house with a lot of windows balanced. Besides, people will be able to focus on the painting if there’s no window around it.

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