3 Types of Interior Design Model, Its Purposes, and Best Materials

What do you know about interior design model? This model is one of the best ways for all designers to see the 3D representation and then get the physical feel of the design project they are going to develop. Building models and 3D renderings will help the architects during the building process.

What Is a Design Model?

Design model is a representation of the building design that is being proposed. With this interior design model, you will be able to see the potential design and scale of an interior design project. Usually, model makers create the replicas manually. But now, 3D models can be created with computer technology.

Various Types of Design Models

Today, there are at least three types of design models available. Each type has a different function. Those three types are:

  1. Concept design model

During the design ideas’ initial stage, this design model can be extremely helpful. This design model will help you see the beginning shape and form of the interior design. Most designers start this design’s first phase with a 2D sketch. But the perspective during the design process can be different.

The conceptual model is usually made out of low priced materials such as foam or wood. Those materials are supposed to be put together in a quick way.

  1. Working design model

Then there’s this working interior design model which is the development of the fuller idea that has been created. If you experience issues or flaws with the initial design, building this design model is going to help you see where the issues or flaws are.

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Building the working design model will also help you figure out the more innovative ideas that will be perfect to be implemented. To create the working design model, model makers usually use some sturdier materials such as metal, wood, and concrete.

  1. Concept presentation model

The third type of interior design model is the concept presentation model. This one has details at a higher level compared to the initial physical model. This third type will reflect the finished product’s scale and materials.

Concept presentation model is created when you are now ready to present the ideas you have to the public or client. Materials used by the model maker to create this type of model are the high quality ones such as 3D printers or resin.

interior design model

The Purposes of Interior Design Model

Design models have various purposes. Below are some purposes of design models you better know:

  1. To sell the project

The makers of design models usually use those models to visualize the project between the client and architect. The models are used to plan any project idea and sell certain project ideas. Design models can also be used to provide clear information about the existing or proposed real estate to the public.

  1. To save money and time

Design models can help the contractors to pinpoint the possible challenges during the construction. Those models will provide the project’s 3D visualization and allow the architects to pinpoint possible issues. Addressing those issues will help you save money and time.

  1. Interior design model helps with the fundraising

Design model that is well prepared and well built is going to help you raise some money you need to finance the project you’re about to create. The model will give your investors the idea’s visual representation. This helps them see where their money is about to go.

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Materials Required to Build Design Model

Design models can be made of various materials, depending on the process. Some of quality materials you can use to build interior design model are:

  1. Cardboard

Cardboard comes in various finishes and colors. They are also easy to shape and cut. You can use cardstock or cardboard and paper mache to create a design model.

  1. Wood

Another common material to create a design model is balsa wood that is truly easy to cut and comes in various weights. Besides, balsa wood is cheaper than any other types of wood. Basswood is another wooden material you can use to create a design model, especially the one that has carvings.

  1. Foam and cork sheets

Foam sheets are available in various types of thicknesses. If you need materials that are sturdy but easy to cut, foam sheets are what you need. Cork sheets are for you who need materials that are easier to handle and more flexible than foam sheets.

Create interior design model carefully and use the model according to the main purposes mentioned above.

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