5 Preparations to Hire Interior House Painter for Your Project

What do you know about interior house painter? If you are considering hiring an interior painter to finish the painting project, you better understand what you are paying for. Interior painters are people who have professional skills in the painting trade.

Besides, those painters also know the right steps to prepare the interior painting project, protect the interior surfaces and transform the surfaces into something better. Interior painters also know the proper way to apply materials such as wallpaper and paint.

Prepare Things Before Hiring Interior House Painter

You may think you need to hire an interior painter. Before you make the call and hire the professional painter, remember that you pay the painter to paint your interior. Before they come, there are some preparations you better do so that the painters can finish their mission faster and smoother.

  1. Move your furniture away

The painters may cover up your furniture by using plastic sheets. However, you need to make sure that your furniture pieces are not in their way. You don’t want them to be stumbling around on the furniture while holding paint buckets.

If possible, before the interior house painter comes, move your furniture out of the first room that will be painted. Don’t forget to remove the pictures, paintings, clocks, quotes, mirrors, and the other wall hangings so the painters will be able to work easily.

  1. Remove the switch plates and outlet covers

This is a simple step but many homeowners forget about this. Even though this isn’t a big deal, you probably don’t like if your outlet covers or switch plates get paint on them. You can avoid this accident by removing them.

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Those things usually are made of plastics which means removing the dried paint won’t be easy. Whether you have cheap products or nicer vintage switch plates and covers, you better remove them before the interior house painter starts doing their job.

  1. Provide a room as the staging area

Professional painters will carry the gallon bucket everywhere. Those painters will also set up a specific area where they can place their ladders, paints, plastic sheets, and the other things they need to help them work. Help them by providing a room for those stuff.

Preparing a special room for your painters to place their belongings will be harder if you have so many things inside the home. Before hiring the painters, you better start moving the furniture and preparing the staging area so your painters can start working immediately as they arrive.

  1. Clean your walls

It is true that the interior house painter will paint your interior walls. But the walls need to be cleaned first. Paint can bring out physical differences that exist on your wall. Things like dirt and dust will be more visible after the painters paint your walls.

Basically, paint will stick those substances to your wall permanently which means the dirt and dust will be there forever if you don’t clean them first. Mix a mild detergent with water and use a sponge to apply the solution to your walls. Let the walls dry before the paint is being applied to the walls.

  1. Keep your pets away

Everyone knows you love your pets and you want to let them come and go as they please. But the interior house painter needs your pets to stay away, especially when the painters start working on the corners of your walls and on the doors.

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Your pets may rub up against the fresh paint coat and it will ruin the masterpiece of the interior house painter you hire. You will also have to clean your pets from the paint that makes them look like clowns. It is crucial to keep your pets away so that your painters and your whole family will be happy.

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Understanding the Pricing

One essential thing you should know before hiring interior house painter is understanding the pricing. Painters usually have two different types of costs: the indirect cost and direct cost. Indirect costs include the work truck, equipment, and also the benefits for the crew.

And the direct costs usually include the paint, the gas, and the labor. It is important to ask about the costs before hiring the painters. You need to get all the details about the costs. Then you can hire the professional painters and the services they provide.

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