3 Kitchen Remodeling Project’s Elements to Consider

Kitchen remodeling is a serious job. This project can be huge and requires a high cost. There are things to prepare and consider before you start remodeling the kitchen. Some of those preparations include setting the budget, determining your desire, and planning everything.

Setting Budget to Remodel Kitchen

Planning a brand new kitchen means you need to be realistic about your remodeling cost. A huge project usually ends up taking more money and time than your plan. When setting the budget for this project, add about 10 to 20% in case there are unplanned expenses to make.

Replacing Cabinets with the New Ones

Kitchen remodeling projects often involve cabinet replacement. Cabinet will take 40 to 50% of your remodeling budget. Cabinets are about to set your new kitchen’s tone so make sure you choose them very carefully. If this is your ‘temporary’ home, consider basic style cabinets.

When you move to your dream home, build a better one. But if this kitchen is going to be your dream kitchen, get cabinets with top quality construction. Pick ones that have solid door, frames, reinforced corners, closed backs, and drawer fronts.

Your cabinets’ doors and drawers are going to be closed and opened many times. They need to operate quietly and smoothly. Choose cabinets with smooth wooden finish.

Choosing Countertops for Kitchen Remodeling Project

Kitchen countertops come in so many options. If replacing countertops is included as one of the remodeling projects, make sure you get the right countertop material. Below are some quality countertop materials to consider.

  1. Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have some pros and a few cons. Granite is almost impervious to heat, making it perfect to be your kitchen countertop. It is very durable and strong and will add some value to your home. There are about 3,000 types and colors are available to be chosen.

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Treat your granite countertops with newer sealers in order to make them maintenance free. Unfortunately, granite countertops don’t match low budget kitchen remodeling projects. This material is highly expensive and isn’t suitable for DIY installation.

Besides, the stone requires sealing in order to avoid stains. Granite is also porous and will crack if it is improperly installed or stressed.

  1. Soapstone countertops

This kitchen countertop comes in rich and deep color and stain resistant. Soapstone countertops are also fairly impervious to heat and the damage you find on them can be easily sanded out. This countertop is what you need if your kitchen remodeling theme will be historic and antique.

However, soapstone countertops can darken over time and it is impossible to install it by yourself without any help from the expert. To make it last forever, you need to treat soapstone countertops with mineral oil.

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Complete Your New Kitchen with The Right Sink

Kitchen sink also varies and will bring a different look and feel to your remodeled kitchen. Among so many types of kitchen sink, below are the most famous ones you need to consider. Each sink type has its own pros and cons.

  1. Top mount sink

Also known as self rimming sink or drop in sink. This is the most common kitchen sink type. If you conduct a DIY kitchen remodeling project, you’ll love this one since a top mount sink doesn’t need any special installation skills. The overall cost of this sink type is also relatively low.

But the rim of this sink prevents the user from sweeping the debris and water from the countertop into the sink. The rim also requires you to clean it more carefully.

  1. Undermount sink

Then there is the opposite of the top mount sink. This one is a perfect choice for a kitchen remodeling project with more budget. This awesome sink doesn’t have any rim so you can clean up the countertop easily. Undermount sink also has a more attractive look and has higher quality than the top mount one.

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This undermount sink requires more installation skills so you better learn how to install it properly before you opt for this one. This sink type is also pricier than the first option above.

Once you’re done with the countertops, cabinets, and sink, you can move to kitchen flooring, walls, and lighting. Make sure there’s enough budget for the entire remodeling projects. If you have prepared a lot of budgets for a kitchen remodeling project, hire a contractor that will do everything for you.

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